Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Corrosion Management works in collaboration with a number of specialist organisations and individuals, including those listed below, on an as-required basis in order to convene teams comprising the most suitable and highest-qualified personnel for project work in any particular global location.

Reaction Engineering Incorporated (REI), USA

REI is considered to be the premier computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling group in North America. Corrosion Management has enjoyed a close collaboration with the group for more than a decade, focused in particular on on-line high temperature corrosion monitoring and sensor development.

DEKRA, Netherlands

The former Dutch Electricity Industry Research Institute (KEMA) corrosion group, which in 2003 was merged briefly with Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and based at Arnhem, Netherlands, is now wholly owned by the DEKRA group. Corrosion Management has been involved with this group since the early 1990s and has collaborated on power generation and waste-to-energy projects both in Europe and in the USA.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan

Through its association with Mitsubishi Chemical, Japan, Corrosion Management has developed the highest quality state-of-the-art process plant condition assessment instrumentation currently available for on-line corrosion assessment, evaluation and avoidance.

The Steel Protection Consultancy (SPC)

SPC is the premier coatings and surface protection consultancy and inspection service company operating in the UK. Corrosion Management has a long history of collaboration with this organisation, and its Principal Consultant, David H. Deacon, ranging from the introduction of the NACE Coating Inspector Training and Certification Scheme in the UK through the Institute of Corrosion to the specification and supervision of major coating contracts on civil structures and buildings in the UK and abroad.


Ken Parker is the former Technical Director of Lodge Cottrell and, in particular, is an expert in the design and optimization of electrostatic dust precipitators and air pollution control equipment.

Corrosion and Materials Consultancy, USA

Corrosion Management has a Strategic Alliance with CMC New Jersey, for bi-lateral input on corrosion investigation, corrosion monitoring, high temperature corrosion and materials selection issues.

Ropelink Ltd., UK

In situations where flexibility, speed, and low cost access are appropriate, Corrosion Management works with Ropelink Ltd. Ropelink is particularly active in North America and the UK.