Company Objectives

The objective of the group is to provide to its clients independent advice of the highest quality on the development and application of a modern equipment management strategy, the selection and procurement of conventional and state-of-the-art corrosion and condition assessment.

Corrosion Management services encompass asset health system design, inspection, condition assessment, failure investigation, corrosion management audits, corrosion risk assessments, specification of adjacent and remote surveillance instrumentation, and integration and interfacing of such systems with computerised maintenance management.

Corrosion Management provides:

Independent expert support to clients wishing to understand and develop effective modern corrosion management strategies.

Corrosion and metallurgical services, failure investigation and materials selection

Scope and requirements appraisal, specification, bid preparation, contractor bid appraisal, quality plan compliance and functionality verification.

In-house and external training courses on plant health assessment, corrosion fundamentals, corrosion monitoring, data evaluation and integrated process and plant equipment management.

Tailored single-client and multi-client corrosion-related research projects on advanced development applications.